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Join the Bull & Thistle Pub Posse!
Loyalty Rewards Program

Bull & Thistle Loyalty Rewards
Bull & Thistle Loyalty Rewards
Bull & Thistle Loyalty Rewards
Bull & Thistle Loyalty Rewards

Join the Bull & Thistle's Pub Posse, our new Loyalty Rewards Program! Sign up to earn points with every dollar you spend at the Pub on food and (non-alcoholic) beverages! Once you've earned 150 points, you'll  receive a $9 credit to use at the Pub!  You'll also get a special bonus during your birthday month, and you'll earn double points every time you join us for lunch between 1pm-3pm on Fridays and Saturdays - Happy Hour! Wow! Those points could buy A LOT of Guinness!


1. Sign up and create a free Loyalty Account! Join The Bull & Thistle Pub Posse and start earning delicious rewards! Get a 25 point welcome bonus upon sign-up!

2. You can also sign up at the restaurant during the check-out process, and earn points for your spend on the spot! Any one of our servers can help sign you up, at any time!

NOTE: IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF OUR FORMER LOYALTY PROGRAM THROUGH TABLE-UP, YOU HAVE AUTOMATICALLY BEEN ENROLLED IN THE NEW PROGRAM, AND YOUR POINTS HAVE TRANSFERRED OVER! Visit the Pub Posse website and click on Lookup to access your account using either the phone number or email you signed up with. We'll send you an email with all your account information so you can see where you stand, and keep on earning those points!

3. Then, each time you come to the Pub, tell your server you are a Loyalty Member and give them the phone number or email address you signed up with. They can also look you up by name! Your check will be automatically connected to your Loyalty account, and you'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on food, non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and spirits!

4. Your Server also will be able to see how many points you have earned and what rewards you have available when they connect your check. You'll be able to redeem any available rewards on the spot at time of payment!

5. Even better, when you pay at the Pub, you can link your credit card to your Loyalty account. If you use a linked credit card every time you visit the Pub, your points will automatically accrue with each and every visit. Easy!

So if you love coming to the Pub, get the points for your efforts that you so richly deserve! Join the Pub Posse and let us reward you - there's absolutely nothing else we'd rather do!

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