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We're Turning a Cold Shoulder to COVID, Here in the Land of Guinness!
Preventive Measures at the Bull & Thistle Pub - Updated 28 June 2023


We love our staff and guests here at the Pub, and are committed to doing all we can to keep a warm and welcoming environment while protecting everyone's health. This update is to let you know the protective measures we have in place, so you can make an informed decision about visiting our restaurant:

  • To ensure our actions are consistent with expert guidance, we closely monitor COVID-19 guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and update our policies and procedures accordingly. Effective May 13, 2021, the CDC’s guidance states that fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace direction. Even in 2023, the CDC continues to strongly recommend wearing masks for those who are unvaccinated when in crowds, indoors, and unable to socially distance.

  • Noting the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across the State, the Pub does not require guests to wear masks or to physically distance. However, we encourage unvaccinated visitors to wear masks, which is in keeping with CDC guidance for unvaccinated people when in crowds, indoors, and unable to socially distance. The Pub continues to make masks available to guests at no cost.

  • While we are no longer requiring our staff to wear masks, please know that any member of our staff will don a mask at the request of any guest before approaching the guest's table.

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of your vaccination status, please stay home, take care of yourself, and consult with a medical provider. If your personal health and safety benefits from mask wearing, regardless of your vaccination status, please continue to do so.

  • In December 2020, we installed Honeywell Ultraviolet Systems Air and Surface Treatment Systems in our forced air heating and cooling systems. The UV light generated by these systems sterilizes mold spores and live, airborne bacteria, effectively preventing them from recirculating through the HVAC system. Honeywell's testing reports that the units will sterilize up to 99.9% of mold on cooling coils (UV surface treatment), and up to 75% of airborne bacteria (UV air treatment). These System remain in place, running 24/7, to support the health and safety of our guests and staff.

  • Hand sanitizing stations, in addition to hand-washing sinks, are posted throughout the Pub. In addition to scrupulously washing/sanitizing their hands, our staff sanitize the tables, chairs, and any implements such as pens, handheld units, etc., after each guest visit.

  • Hand sanitizer is available to all guests at the hostess desk and upon request at any time. We also provide alcohol wipes whenever you are ready to check out, so that in addition to our own sanitizing steps, you can wipe down a pen or any item you are handed for additional peace of mind.

  • We are also happy to provide items such as seasonings and condiments in pre-wrapped units at any guest's request.

  • The table settings in our dining room remain configured specifically to ensure that a 6-ft distance (or greater) is between facing guests (except those who arrive together in a party, of course).

  • We also offer seating in the Portal, a step-down dining area that is somewhat separate from the rest of the Pub, and enables us to provide privacy and even greater distance to guests who need extra precautions.

  • Seating in the cocktail area is no longer distanced in 6-foot increments. If this is a concern to any guest, we will gladly arrange seating in the dining room or the Portal to ensure the guest's well-being.

  • In the kitchen, behind the bar, and in any service area, we follow the Health Department's guidelines to ensure safe-handling and no physical contact with ready-to-eat foods.

We hope these updates are reassuring and helpful as you make decisions about whether or not to come out for lunch, brunch or dinner. Our sincere thanks to the many guests who have shown their support in these challenging times! We appreciate you all so much!

Diana, Barry, Ben, Kim, Lauren, and Everyone on the Bull & Thistle Team

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